Losurdo Wins SBS 30-Lapper, Commits to Defending Title

Photos – Jim Feeney

With Anthony Losurdo’s primary focus having been to run a 350 supermodified for the 2019 season, the plan for the Mark Castiglia-owned No. 1 that Losurdo drove to an SBS track championship in 2018 was up in the air. Castiglia planned to field the car weekly, but with no particular driver in mind – likely just a shared responsibility with himself, Losurdo and/or whoever the fluid situation allowed to float their way.

After his heat run on opening weekend, Castiglia said he simply wasn’t comfortable in the car. Losurdo hopped in for the feature, landing the No. 1 in third place. With the 350 division off this weekend, Losurdo and his father went through the FFB chassis and prepped it for him to race on Saturday night. Just looking to have some fun, Losurdo ended up having a ball.

After earning a heat race win, he found victory lane in the Pathfinder Bank SBS 30-lap main. That’s all it would take for him to announce his intention to defend his track championship, piloting the Castiglia No. 1 – in addition to running his 350 super.

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Greg O’Connor and Russ Bartlett led the field to the green. O’Connor would lead Cameron Rowe, Losurdo, Josh Sokolic and Dave Cliff across the line to complete lap No.1. Before the second lap could be completed, Tony Pisa and Steve Flack tangled in the third turn, with the latter of the two exiting the racing surface via the hook.

Rowe would use the double-file restart to take the lead away from O’Connor at the drop of the green. Sokolic would find the runner-up spot, but the Brad Haynes No. 88 and Losurdo would find their way around Sokolic’s No. 26, taking over the second and third-place positions. Two laps later, Cliff relegate Sokolic to fifth.

The top four of Rowe, Haynes, Losurdo and Cliff would begin to inch away from the field. Looking a bit faster, Haynes was all over the rear bumper of the race leader. In turn, Losurdo’s No.. 1 pestered Hayne’s No. 88.

At the halfway mark, Rowe continued to hold off Haynes. Laps No.’s 17 and 18 found Haynes with solid looks alongside the race leader. Then, the 19th lap saw Haynes get under Rowe on the frontstretch. The two would touch and Haynes would maneuver his No. 88 into the lead.

However, he would only stay atop the field for half a lap as Losurdo took advantage of the momentum-killing contact the two leaders had made and grabbed a good bite off of the second turn. Losurdo would power his way under the No. 88. The duo would race two-abreast for a half lap until the defending champ took command.

Though, unable to pull away, Losurdo maintained the point with Haynes on his rear bumper the rest of the way. Haynes would follow the track’s of the No. 1 to the checkered flag, finishing in second.

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Grabbing his second podium finish in as many races, Cliff was able to swipe third away from Rowe.

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Rowe and Sokolic rounded out the top five.

Heat race wins were collected by Losurdo and Sokolic.

Patherfinder Bank SBS 30: 1. Anthony Losurdo (1), 2. Brad Haynes (88), 3. Dave Cliff (50), 4. Cameron Rowe (77), 5. Josh Sokolic (26), 6. Mike Bruce (04), 7. Greg O’Connor (90), 8. David LaTulip (27), 9. Russ Bartlett (02), 10. Travis Bartlett (03), 11. James Babcock (15), 12. Steve Flack (32), 13. Tony Pisa (89).