Losurdo Sweeps Undercards at Oswego

Anthony Losurdo doubled-up on feature wins on Saturday night at the Oswego Speedway. Losurdo would first, best the Pathfinder Bank SBS field and take back his series points lead before holding off Dalton Doyle to win the 350 supermodified feature main. The checkered flag was the 10th of Losurdo’s SBS career, while the 350 supermodified win was his first.

In the SBS feature, Losurdo would use a mid-race double-file restart opportunity to drive around teammate, Dave LaTulip and cruise the rest of the way. Losurdo would earn his first 350 supermodified win essentially at the drop of the green. Taking the lead away from Barry Kingsley at the start, Losurdo would fend off bids by Doyle nearly the entire way to secure win No. 1.

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Greg O’Connor and Josh Sokolic led the field to the line to start the 35-lap Pathfinder Bank SBS feature event. O’Connor took the early lead, with Sokolic, LaTulip, Michael Bruce and Cameron Rowe filling out the top five behind him as the field completed lap No. 1.

Sokolic would fall prey to LaTulip and Bruce on lap No. 2, with Losurdo busting into the top five a few trips later. Losurdo’s charge to the front saw him conquer Sokolic for fourth on the sixth lap.

LaTulip kept O’Connor close, taking occasional looks to the No. 90’s left side. However, those looks allowed opportunity for Bruce to challenge LaTulip from behind. In turn, Bruce was starting to feel pressure from Losurdo’s No. 1. Cliff’s No. 50 would soon make it a six-car train.

On the 10th lap, Losurdo took to the outside of Bruce’s No. 04. Cliff promptly drove under the No. 1, pinning Losurdo on the high side. A slight slip by Bruce’s No. 04 allowed Cliff to move under both cars and into fourth place.

50 Supermodified winner, Anthony Losurdo poses in victory lane. Photo - Jim Feeney
David LaTulip (27) fends off an early race challenge from Michael Bruce (04). Photo - Jim Feeney
David LaTulip (27) looks for a way around early race leader, Greg O'Connor (90). Photo - Jim Feeney
Anthony Losurdo (1) slips under Josh Sokolic (26). Photo - Jim Feeney
David Cliff (50) and Anthony Losurdo (1) do battle as they race towards the front of the pack. Photo - Jim Feeney
David LaTulip (27) inches out in front on a mid-race restart with Greg O'Connor (90) with Anthony Losurdo (1) and David Cliff (50) close behind. Photo - Jim Feeney
Anthony Losurdo (1) sails around David LaTulip (27) for the race lead. Photo - Jim Feeney
Anthony Losurdo and crew pose in victory lane at Oswego. Photo - Jim Feeney
SBS top 3 - Anthony Losurdo (center), David Cliff (left) and David LaTulip (27). Photo - Jim Feeney

Following Cliff, Losurdo would duck under Bruce between turns three and four, as well. Two laps later, Bruce and Brad Haynes came together to bring out the race’s first caution flag.

The double-file restart put LaTulip solidly aside O’Connor, with hot shoes, Cliff and Losurdo on their rear bumpers.

LaTulip would take advantage of his restart position and roll around the outside of O’Connor. Behind him, teammate Losurdo would follow LaTulip’s No. 27 and race into second place. Pinned behind O’Connor, Cliff would end up getting around the No. 90, but lose track position to Losurdo. A lap later, Bruce would bring out the race’s final caution flag.

The tables would turn on LaTulip as now Losurdo would be promoted to the outside of the race leader for the ensuing restart. At the drop of the green, Losurdo raced past LaTulip and into the lead. Cliff would shoot under LaTulip on the 20th lap, but Losurdo had already driven away.

20 lengths separated the two front-runners with 15 laps to go. Cliff was unable to cut into the margin, which actually widened a bit as Losurdo raced unchallenged the rest of the way.

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Holiday Inn Express Suites Oswego Grand Prix SBS 35: 1. Anthony Losurdo (1), 2. Dave Cliff (50), 3. Dave LaTulip (27), 4. Cameron Rowe (77), 5. Mike Bruce (04), 6. Brad Haynes (88), 7. Josh Sokolic (26), 8. Greg O’Connor (90), 9. James Babcock (15), 10. Travis Bartlett (03), 11. Russ Bartlett (02). DNS – 12. Ken Moody, Jr. (01)

Holiday Inn Express Suites Oswego Grand Prix 350 Super 20: 1. Anthony Losurdo (1), 2. Dalton Doyle (08), 3. Barry Kingsley (06)