Haynes & Losurdo Earn Twin SBS Wins, Duphily Takes 3rd 350 Main

Brad Haynes and Anthony Losurdo split twin, 20-lap Pathfinder Bank SBS feature events at the Oswego Speedway on Saturday night. For Haynes, it was career win No. 1. The pilot of the No. 88 SBS racer would take the lead away from Losurdo on an early race restart and hold off the defending track champ for his first feature win. In the second 20-lapper, Losurdo slipped underneath Josh Sokolic’s No. 26 midway through the race and went the distance unchallenged. The win for Losurdo was No. 5 on the season, the 12th of his career.

In the first 20-lapper, Haynes would nose out in front of Losurdo at the drop of the green. However, as the duo raced down the back straightaway, Losurdo would assume command. Haynes would file in behind, with Dave Cliff, Jesse Bearup, Russ Bartlett, Dave LaTulip and Sokolic rounding out the top seven, early on.

As Losurdo began to inch away, those seven would separate themselves from the rest of the field. All was well until Travis Bartlett and Steve Flack tangled and slid into the third-turn foam to bring out the caution.

Brad Haynes (88) leads Anthony Losurdo (1) through turns 1 and 2. Losurdo would take the lead, but Haynes would get it back and hold on for the win - Jim Feeney Photo
Behind the the two race leaders, Jessee Bearup (37) leads Dave Cliff (50) and Dave LaTulip (27) in the battle for third - Jim Feeney Photo
Brad Haynes emerges victorious after winning his first SBS feature event - Jim Feeney Photo
Brad Haynes picked up the win in the first of two SBS features - Jim Feeney Photo
Russ Bartlett (02) tries to hold off Anthony Losurdo (1) for second place early in the second 20-lap SBS feature - Jim Feeney Photo
Anthony Losurdo is doused in water as he emerges victorious after winning the second SBS feature - Jim Feeney Photo
After getting around Russ Bartlett for second place, Anthony Losurdo (1) would slip underneath Josh Sokolic (26) on the 10th lap to take the lead - Jim Feeney Poto
Anthony Losurdo poses in victory lane at Oswego - Jim Feeney Photo
Top 3 finishers of the second SBS feature - Anthony Losurdo (center), Josh Sokolic (right) and Russ Bartlett (left) - Jim Feeney Photo
Mike Netishen (55) took to the outside of Dalton Doyle (08) on the seventh lap and came away with the lead - Jim Feeney Photo
A lap after Netishen took the lead, Barry Kingsley (06) walloped the wall between turns 1 and 2 - Jim Feeney Photo
Barry Kingsley's 06 suffered extensive front-end damage, but he was OK - Jim Feeney Photo
Stephen Duphily (11) used a double-file restart to sail around the outside of Mike Netishen (55) to take the lead on lap 8 - Jim Feeney Photo
Stephen Duphily poses in victory lane at Oswego - Jim Feeney Photo
350 supermodified top 3 finishers - Stephen Duphily (center), Mike Netishen (right) and Anthony Losurdo (left) - Jim Feeney Photo

The double-file restart put Haynes aside Losurdo, as the field headed towards the green flag. From the outside lane, Haynes surprised Losurdo by darting out in front, reclaiming the lead. Losurdo fought back low, but Haynes would find his groove and begin hitting his marks.

Behind them, Bearup had followed Haynes on the outside lane, taking third away from Cliff. LaTulip would also slip in front of Cliff, moving into fourth.

As the laps ticked away, Losurdo continued to press the race leader. A solid run on the high side on the 15th lap came up short. Losurdo would make one final attempt on the white flag lap, nosing under Haynes as they raced into the first turn. The two would come together as Haynes slammed the door. However, each would regain control and hold position. The No. 88 would race its way around the final three turns and secure Haynes his first win. Bearup, LaTulip and Cliff rounded out the top five.

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Sokolic would grab the early lead in the second 20-lapper. Coming from the outside of the second row, Losurdo would race his way into third by the end of the first lap, behind Russ Bartlett. However, his No. 1 would better Bartlett on the second lap and immediately begin pressing Sokolic for the race lead. Inside looks on laps three and seven came up short. However, Sokolic’s No. 26 slipped up just enough on the 10th lap as it raced through the second turn to allow Losurdo to simply drive under it and take the lead.

Once out in front, Losurdo would race unchallenged the rest of the way. Sokolic would hold on to finish in second, with Bartlett, Cliff and LaTulip rounding out the top five.

Listen to – Anthony Losurdo


In the 350 winged supermodified division, Stephen Duphily continued to bat 1.000, winning his third feature event in as many tries. Dalton Doyle would take the early lead away from Barry Kingsley at the start of their feature event. Making his first visit to the Port City, New Hampshire driver, Mike Netishen had shot from his sixth starting position into the runner-up spot by the end of the first lap.

Holding nothing back, Netishen continued to roll the outside. An outside attempt on Doyle for the lead on the second lap, nearly sent him into the outside wall. However, he would gather his No. 55 and continue pressing the race leader. Behind him, fellow New Hampshire driver, Duphily, had bested Anthony Losurdo on the outside for third and was closing in on the leaders.

Solid looks to the inside during the fifth lap and on the outside during the sixth lap paid Netishen nothing. However, a great run into the first turn on lap No. 7 allowed his No. 55 to sail around the outside of Doyle and take the lead. Without delay, Duphily would follow Netishen into second place.

Just one lap later, Kingsley’s No. 06 would wallop the outside wall between turns one and two after hub failure. Kingsley would be OK, but his No. 06 suffered extensive damage. The race would go to red as the No. 06 left via the flatbed.

The double-file restart put Duphily on the outside of Netishen. Without hesitation, Duphily’s No. 11 would zip around the right side of the race leader and take command. A few laps later, Mike Bruce’s No. 72 went up in a puff of smoke and oil.

Netishen would have a chance to reclaim the lead, but Duphily would have nothing of it. He’d survive the double-file restart and cruise the rest of the way for the win. Losurdo would pick off Doyle to earn the last podium spot.

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Netishen did phenomenal in his first appearance at the track, finishing in second.

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Pathfinder Bank SBS Feature 1: Brad Haynes (88), 2. Anthony Losurdo (1), 3. Jesse Bearup (37), 4. Dave LaTulip (27), 5. Dave Cliff (50), 6. Russ Bartlett (02), 7. Josh Sokolic (26), 8. Cameron Rowe (77), 9. Tony Pisa (89), 10. James Babcock (15), 11. Steve Wood (93), 12. Ken Moody, Jr.  (01), 13. Travis Bartlett (03), 14. Steve Flack (32). DNS – Greg O’Connor (90)

Pathfinder Bank SBS Feature 2: 1. Anthony Losurdo (1), 2. Josh Sokolic (26), 3. Russ Bartlett (02), 4. Dave Cliff (50), 5. Dave LaTulip (27), 6. Jesse Bearup (37), 7. Brad Haynes (88), 8. Cameron Rowe (77), 9. Tony Pisa (89), 10. James Babcock (15), 11. Steve Flack (32), 12. Steve Wood (93). DNS – Ken Moodey, Jr. (01), Travis Bartlett (03) and Greg O’Connor (90)

350 Super Feature: 1. Stephen Duphily (11), 2. Mike Netishen (55), 3. Anthony Losurdo (1), 4. Dalton Doyle (08), 5. Mike Bruce (72), 6. Barry Kingsley (06), 7. Tom MacLeod (81)